Retired Talks

Confessions of a Sysadmin

Abstract: Many of us in the technical community have heard the saying RTFM (Read The Friendly Manual) as advice given to someone learning Linux. In Confessions of a Sysadmin, Ell Marquez and Allie Barnes will share a practical approach to learning to navigate the command line along with some of the secrets she has learned along the way.

What can I expect to learn? As members of the tech community we have ALL experienced an awkward moment or two… or five. We’re here to get real and hit a few points that we’ve experienced in our careers, from mansplaining to being told that real admins only use arch we will confess the sins of the Linux world in hopes of inspiring the next generation. Along the way we will tell a few stories that we think you just might be able to relate to…

Creating a Stronger Community by Poisoning Your Own Well

Abstract: The technology industry has been rapidly growing for some time and as the industry grew t/here has become a shift in our mind set as we could no longer fill all the roles that were needed. With this came a push to diversify, to bring in new blood and new ideas and in the process of doing so we began to develop a community. Recently the topic of conversation has turned to Imposter syndrome, a feeling of inadequacy that persist despite proof of the contrary, and the solution is being placed on the shoulders of the individual alone. However we are not addressing the whole issue, or even acknowledging that these feelings may be caused by a toxic part of our culture that leads us to break down those we claim to want to build up.

Goal Setting 101

Abstract: (20 min talk) In this short and to the point talk we will work on how to set make our goals and dreams in to real practical SMART goals. Through the use of smart goals can gain the foundation we need to approach mentors, mangers or even face impostor syndrome head o