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  • Operation Safe Escape

    • Ell and Wes talk to Chris Cox, the executive director of Operation Safe Escape about battling stalking and technology-based abuse.
  • Threat Hunting 101

    • Ell and Wes sit down to talk with Kyle Hubert and Lou Stella about real world threat hunting.
  • Interview with Security Analyst Lou Stella

    • Ell and Wes talk to Lou Stella, Security Analyst at Rackspace, about transitioning to the cyber security industry.
  • Mental Health Hackers

    • Ell and Wes sit down with Megan Roddie from Mental Health Hackers about neurodiversity in tech and the importance of peer support.
  • 411 DevSecOps: Karthik Gaekwad

    • Ell and Wes sit down with Karthik Gaekwad to sort through the buzzword bingo and explain what DevSecOps is, what it isn’t, and why security should be part of the full lifecycle of your apps.
  • Makerspace 101: Brian Beck

    • Brian Beck joins Ell and Wes to chat about what’s going on at 10BitWorks, 3D printing and the need to tinker, and how to find a makerspace near you.
  • Ell’s Trip to Hacker Summer Camp

    • The whole Choose Linux crew talk about Ell’s recent trip to Black Hat, B-sides, DEF CON, and more at Hacker Summer Camp.
  • Brunch with Brent: Ell Marquez

    • Brent is joined by Ell Marquez, Community Architect for Jupiter Broadcasting and co-host of Choose Linux for a chat about her experiences in community, the importance of inclusivity, how to cultivate great mentorships, redefining failure and more. Join us!

Linux Unplugged: (various episodes)

A few of my favourites:

Late Night Linux

User Error

Big Daddy Linux